Rules & Regulations Update: Move In / Out

The Board has reviewed our current practices regarding moves into and out of The Huntsman and recently decided that, going forward, all such moves should be supervised.

We believe this is beneficial in that it will:
(1) Ensure move is properly coordinated with the resident;
(2) Improve building security during the move; and
(3) Allow us to independently identify any damage to common property that may occur during the move.

A private security firm has been retained for this purpose and will be have a security guard in attendance for all scheduled moves.


Fees & Payments

To defray the cost of this increased supervision we ask that the resident provide a $150 + GST nonrefundable cheque to the security guard in attendance on the day of the move along with the standard damage deposit, a refundable $200 cheque, both made out to ‘Huntsman Condo’.

E-Transfers to with the security code, exactly as written here: Calgary1

Please also include your Unit #, the building address/name and the reason for your payment when sending the transfer.


The changes will take effect Aug 1, 2022. ‘Rules and Regulations‘ have been updated to reflect these changes. Please read them carefully. We trust that all residents will understand the benefits and abide by the new rules.

The Board always reserves the right to impose monetary fines for noncompliance as it sees fit from time to time.


Thank you,

The Huntsman Board

Parkade Notice & BUMP Alley Mural (Updated 2021)

Please be advised that the artist KWest will be painting a mural (funded through the ‘Bump Mural Project’) on all three sides of the parkade with the potential for debris, overspray, etc. to occur along the outer/back walls on both levels during the landscaping/exterior prep-work, the painting/artwork and the final anti-graffiti spray.



All vehicles & stored belongings along the OUTER/BACK WALLS on BOTH LEVELS are advised to vacate during the following dates and times.


Exterior Prep-Work & Landscaping:
Mon., Aug. 23rd to Wed., Aug. 25th, 2021
8 AM – 4 PM


Painting & Anti-Graffiti Spray:
Thurs., Aug. 26th to Mon., Aug. 31st, 2021
8 AM – 10 PM


The nearest Impark Lot is located at 1400 12th Ave. SW in front of the Dollarama & parking will be reimbursed up to $10/day with proof of payment/receipt.

Any additional cleaning charges incurred as a result of vehicles not being moved will be charged back to the owner. Neither the Condominium Corporation, the Contractor(s) nor Condeau Management will be responsible for any damages done to vehicles or any personal belongings left in the parking areas during the prep-work and painting.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in this matter.


About BUMP: The Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP) is an award-winning community-driven project to showcase art, promote tourism, improve the public realm and build community spirit in Calgary. Now entering its fourth year, BUMP has curated a diverse portfolio of local, national and international artists who have created eye-catching, inspiring and beautiful murals in Calgary. The project continues to expand with the 2020 BUMP Festival celebrating art, music and community. Click here to view other works of art across the Calgary area.

For more information about this initiative, see


Examples of Other BUMP Artwork in Calgary’s Beltline Area


View this post on Instagram


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Lower Parkade Breakin – April 10, 2021

This morning Saturday April 10th, repeat offenders came into the building at 3:28am and 5:49am this morning, using a garage door fob that we believe was stolen (they did not enter the main building and therefore we don’t have any footage of them, but this fob has now been disabled).

This is an unfortunate reminder that you should never keep your garage door opener, ID, or any valuables in your car; and it is extremely important that you wait till the garage door is closed before leaving the premises or after entering the parkade.

If your vehicle has been broken into, contact the police and your insurance. Above all, look after your own safety and do not confront an intruders yourself as there is often more than one person.

Important Note: If a resident is connected to a lost or stolen fob which is unreported, there will be a penalty of $200 dollars. We can’t stress this enough, it’s very important to report all broken, lost or stolen fobs as it effects all of us.

Board Position Available—Seeking Volunteers


Are you a current owner?

Would you like more say in what happens within the building?

Can you respond with a yes or no answer in a 6 hour period via text or email?

If you answered yes to these questions, consider joining the Board! 


About the position: We meet 10 times per year via streamed video to review top items about building issues, maintenance and governance. Meetings are held on Monday evenings at 7PM, once per month.

We’re looking for residents who would be available to oversee construction projects, or meet technicians, service agents, and experts to move projects forward. It’s a great way to be heard and represent the residents of the Huntsman. The Board does best when we have someone with any experience with accounting, money management, reading and interpreting contracts, construction experience, customer service relations, handy man knowledge, etc, but all experience levels are welcomed.

We are all responsible to make the Huntsman run smoothly, so we encourage you to step up and join the Board.


If you’re interested and have a few hours to spare each month, please contact Gisele at 403-531-1586 or email


Did Your Junk Jam the Trash Chute?

Garbage chute found plugged again on Monday March 29th.

When the chute is jammed, we pay a penalty charge for having someone dislodge it. 

Stop putting oversized garbage down the chute or we will be forced to weld the doors shut and all residents will have to walk down their own garbage to the parkade


Is This Your Junk Jammed the Trash Chute?

Garbage & Recycling


  • All Garbage MUST be in bags and tied closed.
  • Larger household garbage is to be taken down to the Lower Level Parkade and placed inside the garbage bin.
  • Furniture/Construction Garbage MUST be removed from site at the resident’s cost.


  • Non-Sorting Recycling bins are located in the Lower Level Parkade.
  • All cardboard MUST be broken down prior to being placed in the bin.
  • If you bag your recycling, it MUST be placed in a clear bag. (Any sealed black bags will be deemed garbage and the recycling company will charge the corporation contamination fees)

Recycling Dos and Don’ts



Bagged Recyclables Must be in a Clear Bag

Huntsman Recycling was Contaminated

Your container at 1334 13 AVE SW included non-recyclable materials during our service visit on 03/12/2021. As a result, you may be charged $56 plus applicable taxes and invoice charges*.

Contamination happens when trash gets into your recycling bin, food or liquids soil your recyclable materials, or when you put your recyclables in plastic bags. For recyclable materials to have a second life and create new products, they must be clean and free from contaminants.


Incident Video:

Notice: 2020 Huntsman Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Huntsman AGM Information

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Time: 7:00pm

Sunalta Community Association, Main Hall
1627 10 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T3C 0J7

See linked AGM Notice for full details about this year’s AGM including the proxy and voting forms. These documents have also been sent to all owners via mail.

We request that all planning to attend RSVP so we know the total number of people for seat planning. Those in attendance must comply with the following requirements:
• All attendees must be screened to confirm they have no symptoms
• All attendees must sign in and provide contact information for tracing purposes
• Seating will be provided at 2M intervals
• Face masks are required


Please also bring a pen


Never throw over-sized or long objects down the garbage chute

The garbage chute has an angle at the bottom—if you throw boxes or long objects that obstruct the elbow, the entire chute gets jammed. If you have trash that is larger than a standard grocery bag in width or height, do not force it down the chute; take it down to the trash bins at the lower parkade (Northwest corner).

Your Janitorial team has been forced every week to unjam the garbage chutes due to residents forcing down items that are too big and they are getting stuck.  This behavior causes the garbage odor in the lobby and corridor, it also reduces the life-expectancy of the new compactor and means the Janitorial team is spending less time cleaning and more time dealing with trash that’s jammed in the chute (sometimes 2 floors up).




Residents who are caught throwing over-sized objects in the chute will be fined accordingly.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in this matter.


Water Shutoff: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 (9:00am-5:00pm)

Please be advised, Trotter & Morton will be shutting off the building water supply to complete necessary repairs to the domestic water lines. If the repairs are completed in less time, the water will be turned back on sooner. The water shutoff is scheduled for:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

COVID-19 Precaution: although water sometimes remains in the lines, you may want to store a jug, pop bottle or bucket of water prior to the repairs for hand washing, cooking and drinking. For more information about what the Huntsman is doing to improve safety at this time, please refer to the COVID-19 & Our Community Update.


Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.