Lower Parkade Breakin – April 10, 2021

This morning Saturday April 10th, repeat offenders came into the building at 3:28am and 5:49am this morning, using a garage door fob that we believe was stolen (they did not enter the main building and therefore we don’t have any footage of them, but this fob has now been disabled).

This is an unfortunate reminder that you should never keep your garage door opener, ID, or any valuables in your car; and it is extremely important that you wait till the garage door is closed before leaving the premises or after entering the parkade.

If your vehicle has been broken into, contact the police and your insurance. Above all, look after your own safety and do not confront an intruders yourself as there is often more than one person.

Important Note: If a resident is connected to a lost or stolen fob which is unreported, there will be a penalty of $200 dollars. We can’t stress this enough, it’s very important to report all broken, lost or stolen fobs as it effects all of us.

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