In an effort to improve building security Condeau Management consulted Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), to provide an assessment of the building and to provide recommendations.

Building security is everyone’s responsibility and requires the participation of the residents to be successful. Below are some tips that you can do to assist in maintaining a secure premise.


Ways You Can Help Improve Security

  • Wait for garage doors to fully close after entering or exiting. This will reduce the chance of someone accessing the garage
  • Do not leave your garage door FOB in the vehicle, if this is stolen it can be used to access the building as well
  • Immediately report any lost or stolen FOB or opener to Condeau Management. FOB’s can be deactivated in the system and re-activated if found.
  • Do not allow anyone in that does not have their own FOB
  • Refrain from allowing “piggybacking” into the building
  • Refrain from storing items in you parking stall (i.e: Tires). This motivates break-ins to the parkade
  • Do not store valuables in your vehicle
  • Report any damage or signs of tampering to exit/entry doors to Condeau Management
  • Door latches can be taped in the open position to allow repeated access, or doors propped open with objects. Emergency exits are especially vulnerable due to low traffic. If you see a door propped open or a latch taped, please remove it and report to Condeau Management
  • Storage locker area is highly vulnerable as it is secluded and low traffic. Ensure items can not be reached from the above opening Report any signs of tampering to Condeau Management
  • Lock suite doors to reduce crimes of opportunity
  • Call police when you see suspicious activity


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