GENERAL By-Law 5(g) authorizes the Condo Board to make any rule or regulation, from time to time, as it deems necessary in respect of the use and safety of common property. Anyone found to be in violation of the By-laws or these rules and regulations could be subject to monetary sanctions.

Printable Version: Rules-and-Regs (Updated Sept 2017)

  • Elevators

    Elevators are for everyone’s use. The doors must never be forced to stay open. When moving furniture or removing construction debris, elevator pads must be used to protect the walls and can be installed by contacting the Property Manager. Any damage caused is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Moving In / Out

    Moves in and out of the building require a minimum five business days’ notice to the Building Manager and will be schedule in four-hour blocks. All such moves must be supervised by an independent security guard, hired by the Building Manager. The security guard will be: (1) on site for the duration of each move in or out, (2) ensure that elevator pads are in place prior to the move and taken down when move is complete, and (3) lock off the elevator for exclusive use during the move.

    Moveout Fee: Before the move commences, to defray the cost of supervision, the resident must send an E-Transfer or deliver a non-refundable cheque to the security guard (made out to ‘Huntsman Condo’) for the amount of $150 plus GST. E-Transfer Payments made to with the security code, exactly as written here: Calgary1; Please also include your Unit #, the building address/name and the reason for your payment when sending the transfer.

    Owners are responsible for the cost of any damage that may occur to common property as a result of the move.  The security guard will undertake a pre-inspection of all affected common property, including the elevator before each move and do a walkthrough once the move is complete to assess any damage that may have occurred. By-Law 3(j) requires that an Owner provide a $200 deposit as security against possible damages, in the form of a cheque (made out to ‘Huntsman Condo’) delivered to the security guard before the move commences. Consider the posting of these Rules & Regulations as notice of the requirement to provide such damage deposit.  If no damage has occurred, the deposit cheque will be returned at that time. If damage has occurred the security deposit will be retained and used to defray any costs of repair. Any amount that may be remaining after damage has been repaired will be returned.

    While residing in the building, furniture and appliances can be moved without supervision but arrangements must be made to ensure elevator pads are installed in advance.  Exit doors should, under no circumstances, be propped and left open if they are not actively being supervised.

  • FOBs / Building Access

    Two fobs for building access have been assigned to each unit. Additional door fobs are available for $25 each. One remote garage door opener (includes building access) is also provided to each unit with additional openers available for $85 each.

  • Unit Renovations & Betterments

    Any renovations of any type whatsoever must be approved, in writing, by the Condo Board before any work can commence. Forms are available for that purpose and can be found in the documents section. Be aware that By-Law 62(z) sets out specific rules with respect to any proposed structural changes.

    All construction debris must be removed daily from the premises and is not allowed to be disposed of either in the garbage chute or garbage bins. In addition workers and contractors are not permitted to do any work in any unit between 6:00pm and 9:00am on weekdays or on weekends or holidays. See By-Law 62(b).

  • Garbage, Recycling, & Composting


    Garbage chutes, found on each floor, are to be used for the disposal of regular household trash only. Household trash must be bagged and tied. Do not throw loose garbage or boxes down the chute. Such items may plug the chute and will very likely disable the garbage compactor.

    Large oversized items of waste such as construction debris, appliances and furniture ARE THE OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY and must make their own arrangements to remove over-sized items from the premises.  They are not to be left in or near the garbage bin or next to the building in the back alley.  Notice to this effect is clearly posted above the bin but this rule is routinely breached regardless. The Board will take every effort to identify the owner in these cases and impose a fine.



    Two recycle bins (green and lidded) are provided on the lower parkade level for the disposal of recyclable materials. Materials that qualify for recycling are posted on each floor and include newspaper, paper and cardboard, plastics, tin cans, glass, cartons and bottles. Newspapers should be bundled and cardboard flattened.

    For interested residents there are volunteer-managed composting facilities available on the terrace level. For more information contact the Board via the website.



    As of 2018 the city of Calgary has mandated that all condos have compost bins available for residents. The compost bins are in the lower-parkade and are emptied on a weekly basis. The bins are marked with acceptable materials, but if you want more information on what is/not compostable, click here.

  • Parkade

    The parkade is common property and stalls are assigned for personal use to the owners or their tenants pursuant to By-Law 58(b). No assigned stall is to be used for the long term storage of unused, unlicensed and uninsured vehicles. Other than for your vehicle, no one is allowed to store anything in an assigned parking stall.

  • Pets

    Pet ownership is governed by By-Law 62(c). All pets must be approved by the Board and an application form for this purpose can be found in the documents section of this site.

    The proper disposal of pet litter, in tied plastic bags, and “doggie bags” is the sole responsibility of the owner or tenant. DO NOT use the lobby trash bin for this purpose. 

  • Balconies

    All balconies are common property. They are not storage areas and should not be used for that purpose. Furniture is limited to conventional patio furniture and plant containers. NEVER dispose of cigarette butts over any balcony.

  • Storage Room

    Storage bins are assigned to each unit. As the building janitors do not have access, each owner must take responsibility for periodic cleaning of their assigned bin.

  • Rented Units

    Owners may lease their units for a month or more and are subject to the rules set out in By-Law 51. Please read these requirements carefully. Necessary forms can be found on the website.

  • Noise

    Excessive noise at any time of the day or night is not tolerated at The Huntsman. Be reminded that there is a city bylaw that prohibits excessive noise after 11:00pm.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is not allowed in any common area of the building. Do not litter cigarette butts anywhere on building property including the front of the building or the front gardens. A cigarette butt disposal unit is provided at the front door for this purpose.

Last Updated: Sept 6, 2017