Reminder: Garbage Chutes

Last night (Oct 5), the janitors were called for an ’emergency’ unblocking of the garbage chute. Someone had dropped a large plastic bucket down the garbage drop which blocked the exit. It took the janitors 3 hours to unblock the garbage because they had to go to each floor and remove garbage piled up since Tuesday.

As a reminder: the garbage chutes are not to be used for anything other than garbage that is bagged and securely tied in a ‘Safeway-style grocery bag’.

That means no pizza boxes, no planters, no buckets, no brooms, no large garbage bags, and definitely no unbagged garbage materials should ever be put down the garbage chute.

Please review the list of Huntsman rules and beware: any residents found to be violating these rules will be fined, and may be held accountable for any costs associated with the resolution of the issue.

There are garbage bins located on the lower parkade, where you can place large items in the bins, as well as a place to deposit any recycling. While it may be inconvenient to walk items like this downstairs the consequences of attempting to shove them down the garbage chute will ultimately cause major inconvenience for everyone else.

Please be thoughtful about the use of the garbage chute.

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