Garbage & Recycling


  • All Garbage MUST be in bags and tied closed.
  • Larger household garbage is to be taken down to the Lower Level Parkade and placed inside the garbage bin.
  • Furniture/Construction Garbage MUST be removed from site at the resident’s cost.


  • Non-Sorting Recycling bins are located in the Lower Level Parkade.
  • All cardboard MUST be broken down prior to being placed in the bin.
  • If you bag your recycling, it MUST be placed in a clear bag. (Any sealed black bags will be deemed garbage and the recycling company will charge the corporation contamination fees)

Recycling Dos and Don’ts



Huntsman Website Relaunch

Welcome to the new Huntsman website

This site has been created to provide a space for all updates and communication to owners and tenants. Many of the posts are password protected due to the nature of the content, but you will receive the password for those pages with the emails they are sent out with.

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