Cleaning Up After Your Pet is Your Responsiblity

Early Friday evening (Sept 22, 2017) dog poop was reported on the floor of the small elevator…apparently left there by a resident pet owner. A Board member was required to clean this up.

The lack of respect this demonstrates for other residents in the building is intolerable.

Pet ownership is a privilege not a right.

The rules regarding pet ownership are absolutely clear and picking up after your dog and properly disposing of pet litter is top of the list.

Be assured that any pet owner found to be in breach of pet ownership rules will be sanctioned to the fullest extent provided by our by-laws up to and including withdrawal of pet approval.

Cleaning of Sanitary Risers (Water-Out Lines)

The Board has recently made arrangements with a contractor, Flopros Drain Services Inc. (“Flopros”), to have the vertical sanitary risers in the building thoroughly cleaned and hydro flushed.

The work is scheduled to be undertaken next weekend over two days: Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, 2017 and will commence at 9:30am on each day.

In order to ensure a proper cleaning Flopros will need access to certain units during these days for a period of approximately 15-30 minutes for each unit.


The revised list of
affected units are:

Saturday, Sept 30:
203, 204, 206,
403, 404, 405, 406,
603, 604, 605, 606,
903, 904, 905, 906
1203, 1204,  1205, 1206.

Sunday, Oct. 1:
201, 202,
401, 402,
601, 602,
901, 902
1201, 1202.


Residents of all the affected units listed above will be required to provide access to their units as scheduled above.

If a resident is unable to attend on the scheduled day they must make arrangements to provide a key to their unit in advance. Please contact Gisele, building manager and arrangements will be made to collect a key.

Consider this notice pursuant to By-law 3, if a resident is not home at the time Flopros need access and a key has not been provided in advance, access will be gained by using a locksmith, the cost of such locksmith to be borne by the owner of the affected unit.

This work is necessary to ensure properly free-flowing stacks throughout the building. Be aware all unit-specific plumbing (which connect to the vertical risers) are the responsibility of the unit owners.

We trust that with this advance notice will ensure the project will run smoothly.

Huntsman Elevators

The Board is aware of the ongoing performance issues with the building elevators.  This and previous boards have been telegraphing for some time that our elevators are in need of an overhaul.

As reported at the recent AGM in May, an elevator consultant has been retained to help us assess how to move forward. Since then, the Board has met with the consultant and approved a bid document for the complete modernization of both elevators. The consultant is currently in the process of inviting a number of contractors to bid on the project.

Broadly speaking the earliest that such a project could get underway is next April or May 2018. There is a long lead time required for equipment orders and once the project begins it will take approximately six months to complete. So this will require a lot of patience on the part of all of us.

We will endeavor to keep everyone informed as progress is made. Current estimates suggest an overall project cost of approximately $500,000.  The Board is considering a number of options as to the best way to fund the project assuming that we decide to proceed.

What do you do if the elevators are down?

Email and inform us of the issue you’re having. We are also residents of the building and are often aware of elevator issues. However, there are times when some (or all) of us are not in the building. The best method to ensure prompt attention is paid to a dysfunctional elevator is to simply let us know. If you email us, please specify which elevator is causing the problem and any other things you notice; that way we can coordinate next steps.

Thanks kindly for your patience as we deal with the existing elevators and move toward new ones in 2018,


The Huntsman Board


Huntsman Access Keys Fully Disabled as of September 20, 2017

As a security measure starting Wednesday, September 20, 2017 you will no longer be able to access the building front doors with the old key.  Please make sure you have received and are using the FOB.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your attention and co-operation in this regard.

If you do not have your FOB, and for related FOB issues, please contact Condeau at 403-531-1586.

Yours Truly,

The Board of Directors, The Huntsman

Security Notice [Beltline Blockwatch]: Huntsman Garage Break-in – Please check your vehicles

*ACTION NOTICE: Moving forward, we will be disabling the old key-access for the garage doors.*

We’ve had another intruder gain access to the garage (Sept 12 @ 4:51am). To our knowledge, access was only gained to the upper garage area but we advise residents with vehicles on either level check their vehicle and ensure they’re not missing anything.

Please note: the intruders have routinely taken fobs from the vehicles they’re accessing—for the safety of all residents DO NOT LEAVE FOBS IN YOUR VEHICLE as it gives the holder access to the building and the garage. In the event your fob is stolen, notify the Board immediately so we can deactivate it as swiftly as possible.

Getting Additional Fobs: One garage fob has already been issued per unit; if you require an additional garage fob(s), they can be purchased for $75/fob. Please contact the Board to setup a new fob, should you require one.


The Huntsman Board

Roof Repair

[UPDATE: September 11, 2017]

The Board met with the roofing consultant in June and reviewed the four bids received. Prices were all somewhat higher than the initial guesstimates. After reviewing the bids and considering the advice of the consultant the Board unanimously agreed to award the contract to Titan Roofing Inc. (“Titan”).  The Board will review and execute the contract with Titan shortly…a fixed price contract in the amount of $275,000 plus taxes.

Titan has currently indicated their plan to be on site around mid-September, 2017. They are expecting the project to take four to six weeks. Roofing projects are very weather dependent so that time line may be delayed should the weather not cooperate.

In addition we expect Titan will need to commandeer the front driveway for the duration of the project to accommodate the removal of debris. So the driveway is likely to be out of bounds to residents and guests for that time.

After giving due consideration to the current balance of our Reserve Fund, additional near term capital projects that are upcoming the Board concluded that the roof repair will be fully funded with funds available in the Reserve Fund.


[April 27, 2017]

Due to a series of reported roof leaks over the past couple of years the Board took the decision to engage an independent roofing specialist to undertake an inspection and evaluation of the roofing on our building.

Residential Roofing Consultants (Alberta) Ltd. (“RRC”) was retained for this purpose and an inspection report was tabled with the Board last fall. The inspector reported a series of bad past decisions which severely compromises the detection of possible leaks. The current PVC membrane roofing system was installed about 15 years ago and rather than remove the existing system first, it was placed over a separation sheet that was placed over the existing built-up roofing system. The existing roof rock ballast was then re-installed over the new membrane roof. It would appear that these decisions were made as cost saving measures by the developer about the time our building was converted to a condominium project. Due to this layering: (1) leak detection is extremely difficult and costly; and (2) any subsurface or underlying issues such as inadequate insulation or moisture infiltration cannot be identified. The inspector also reported that while the membrane appears to be in fair condition the installation details around the perimeter were poorly finished and were failing in a number of places.  His overall conclusion and recommendation is that the water proofing capabilities of our existing system are severely compromised and, rather than attempting to undertake any possible repairs, a full replacement is the best solution.

The Board has concluded that a full replacement is in the best interests of The Huntsman and further engaged RRC to act as Consultant for the project. RRC has since prepared a detailed bid document and has asked four roofing contractors to bid on the project. The Board is hoping that this work will be undertaken and completed this year. The inspection report suggested a budget in the range of $175,000 to $225,000 to complete the work.

Based on that budget the Board is confident that project can be fully paid for using existing reserve funds.


Rules & Regulations Update: Move In / Out

The Board has reviewed our current practices regarding moves into and out of The Huntsman and recently decided that, going forward, all such moves should be supervised.

We believe this is beneficial in that it will:
(1) Ensure move is properly coordinated with the resident;
(2) Improve building security during the move; and
(3) Allow us to independently identify any damage to common property that may occur during the move.

A private security firm has been retained for this purpose and will be have a security guard in attendance for all scheduled moves.

To defray the cost of this increased supervision we ask that the resident provide a $50 nonrefundable cheque to the security guard in attendance on the day of the move along with the standard damage deposit, a refundable $200 cheque, both made out to ‘Huntsman Condo’.

The changes will take effect October 1, 2017. ‘Rules and Regulations‘ have been updated to reflect these changes. Please read them carefully. We trust that all residents will understand the benefits and abide by the new rules.

The Board always reserves the right to impose monetary fines for noncompliance as it sees fit from time to time.


Thank you,

The Huntsman Board

Parkade Painting July 24 & 25 – please remove vehicles and personal belongings on the associated day

The Board is assessing the advisability of painting the interior of the parkade (both levels); for this purpose we are undergoing a “mockup” at the main door areas of both levels to assess the durability and visual impact of painting the parkade, and ultimately to help us decide whether or not to proceed with the rest of the parkade.

The painting will be done on the following days, please be sure to clear your vehicle and personal belongings from your level of the parkade during this time:

Painting Dates

Monday, July 24, 2017 – 
7:30am–5:00 pm

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – 
7:30am–5:00 pm

Neither the Huntsman Condominium Corporation, the Contractor nor Condeau Management will be responsible for any damages from overspray done to vehicles or any personal belongings left in the parking areas during the painting, so again please be sure to remove your vehicle and personal belongings on the day associated with your parkade level.

Thank you for you anticipated cooperation,
The Huntsman Board

Huntsman Security: Intruder Alert (Photos attached)

Undesirables have been let into the building again which resulted in a few vehicular break-ins in the garage. The individuals were buzzed in, and then given access to the garage by residents.

As a result of these break-ins, we are going to be disabling any garage door remotes that existed prior to the two-button garage/entry fobs. If you require a second garage fob they are $75 each; please contact Gisele from Condeau at


Security at the Huntsman is every resident’s responsibility:

If you don’t personally know someone do not let them in.


Ways to help prevent future Huntsman break-ins:

  • Get the video security feed on your phone or home computer so you can check who you are buzzing in. Details on how to do this are on the Huntsman website in the documents section.
  • Do not let anybody into the building unless you know who they are
  • If you see suspicious activity report it to the police
  • Do not let anybody follow you into the parkade
  • If somebody is in the lobby and has no FOB to access other areas – DO NOT LET THEM IN
  • Don’t be afraid to ask delivery people or contractors for proof of identity

For reference here
are photos of the undesirables…

Huntsman Security: Intruder Alert

Many buildings in the Beltline including The Huntsman have been targeted recently, some very undesirable people gained access to this building. Criminals will always look for the easiest targets, so let’s all work together to make our building more secure.  The best way to deal with crime is to take every step possible to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Here are a few tips that may help to prevent The Huntsman from being targeted again.

Intruders were able to gain access to the building by tampering with the intercom system.  Steps have been taken to prevent this from happening in the future.  If you see these men in the building please call the police and report it immediately.


Be prepared, regardless of how secure your apartment is:

  • Do not let anybody into the building unless you know who they are
  • If you see suspicious activity report it to the police
  • Do not let anybody follow you into the parkade
  • Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle
  • Don’t be afraid to ask delivery people or contractors for proof of identity
  • Keep seldom-used valuables and documents in a safety deposit box
  • Don’t store valuables all in one place, particularly in the bedroom, as this is the first place thieves will look
  • Record the serial numbers of all electronics.
  • Take photos of your possessions and keep the photos in a safe place. This will be helpful in recovering any stolen items


Safety is one of the most important aspects that homeowners want to be a part of.  Keeping crime and vandalism rates low or nonexistent is a top priority for your board, but accomplishing this may be more difficult without the help of all residents.

  • Lock Up
    Make sure the door latches and locks when you enter or leave the building
  • Get to know your neighbours
    When neighbors in your community know each other, they can watch out for each other, too. Knowing which neighbors belong where can make it easier to notice when something or someone is out of place.
  • Take A Walk
    A casual inspection of the building and area during morning, afternoon, or evening walks helps keep an eye on what’s going on, and also can deter would-be trouble makers as they see more people out and about.
  • Keep Things Clean
    A clean community isn’t just pleasant to look at. It also sends a message to everyone who comes into the neighborhood that it’s a place people care about, and one that they are committed to caring for.
  • Speak Up
    Most importantly, report any crime or suspicious activity they may see around the neighborhood, even if it seems like a small incident. While the board can implement a few things on their own to improve safety, in the end, it also takes a group effort with homeowners who care about the community. In the process can make a big impact on keeping the Huntsman a great place to live.