Huntsman Security: Intruder Alert (Photos attached)

Undesirables have been let into the building again which resulted in a few vehicular break-ins in the garage. The individuals were buzzed in, and then given access to the garage by residents.

As a result of these break-ins, we are going to be disabling any garage door remotes that existed prior to the two-button garage/entry fobs. If you require a second garage fob they are $75 each; please contact Gisele from Condeau at


Security at the Huntsman is every resident’s responsibility:

If you don’t personally know someone do not let them in.


Ways to help prevent future Huntsman break-ins:

  • Get the video security feed on your phone or home computer so you can check who you are buzzing in. Details on how to do this are on the Huntsman website in the documents section.
  • Do not let anybody into the building unless you know who they are
  • If you see suspicious activity report it to the police
  • Do not let anybody follow you into the parkade
  • If somebody is in the lobby and has no FOB to access other areas – DO NOT LET THEM IN
  • Don’t be afraid to ask delivery people or contractors for proof of identity

For reference here
are photos of the undesirables…

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