Never throw over-sized or long objects down the garbage chute

The garbage chute has an angle at the bottom—if you throw boxes or long objects that obstruct the elbow, the entire chute gets jammed. If you have trash that is larger than a standard grocery bag in width or height, do not force it down the chute; take it down to the trash bins at the lower parkade (Northwest corner).

Your Janitorial team has been forced every week to unjam the garbage chutes due to residents forcing down items that are too big and they are getting stuck.  This behavior causes the garbage odor in the lobby and corridor, it also reduces the life-expectancy of the new compactor and means the Janitorial team is spending less time cleaning and more time dealing with trash that’s jammed in the chute (sometimes 2 floors up).




Residents who are caught throwing over-sized objects in the chute will be fined accordingly.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in this matter.