Composting Rules

Acceptable and unacceptable materials are clearly identified on the bins, but above is an image of the items that can/cannot be composted.

Generally things you can compost: Plant material (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc), Dairy (but not the plastic containers), baked and dry goods (pasta, bread, rice, etc), soiled paper goods (pizza boxes, tissue paper, uncoated takeout containers), meat (cooked and raw, chicken, fish, beef, bones, etc)

Things you CANNOT compost: pet poop (this includes cat litter), plastics, metal (including tin foil), polystyrene/styrofoam, glass.

Using waste bags for your organics is not required but if you are using a bag it must be a compostable bag. ¬†Bags that are labled as ‘biodegradable’ are probably not compostable.

The bins will be emptied with fresh inserts installed on a weekly basis.