Composting Rules

Acceptable and unacceptable materials are clearly identified on the bins, but above is an image of the items that can/cannot be composted.

Generally things you can compost: Plant material (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc), Dairy (but not the plastic containers), baked and dry goods (pasta, bread, rice, etc), soiled paper goods (pizza boxes, tissue paper, uncoated takeout containers), meat (cooked and raw, chicken, fish, beef, bones, etc)

Things you CANNOT compost: pet poop (this includes cat litter), plastics, metal (including tin foil), polystyrene/styrofoam, glass.

Using waste bags for your organics is not required but if you are using a bag it must be a compostable bag.  Bags that are labled as ‘biodegradable’ are probably not compostable.

The bins will be emptied with fresh inserts installed on a weekly basis.

Huntsman Elevators

The Board is aware of the ongoing performance issues with the building elevators.  This and previous boards have been telegraphing for some time that our elevators are in need of an overhaul.

As reported at the recent AGM in May, an elevator consultant has been retained to help us assess how to move forward. Since then, the Board has met with the consultant and approved a bid document for the complete modernization of both elevators. The consultant is currently in the process of inviting a number of contractors to bid on the project.

Broadly speaking the earliest that such a project could get underway is next April or May 2018. There is a long lead time required for equipment orders and once the project begins it will take approximately six months to complete. So this will require a lot of patience on the part of all of us.

We will endeavor to keep everyone informed as progress is made. Current estimates suggest an overall project cost of approximately $500,000.  The Board is considering a number of options as to the best way to fund the project assuming that we decide to proceed.

What do you do if the elevators are down?

Email and inform us of the issue you’re having. We are also residents of the building and are often aware of elevator issues. However, there are times when some (or all) of us are not in the building. The best method to ensure prompt attention is paid to a dysfunctional elevator is to simply let us know. If you email us, please specify which elevator is causing the problem and any other things you notice; that way we can coordinate next steps.

Thanks kindly for your patience as we deal with the existing elevators and move toward new ones in 2018,


The Huntsman Board


Roof Repair

[UPDATE: September 11, 2017]

The Board met with the roofing consultant in June and reviewed the four bids received. Prices were all somewhat higher than the initial guesstimates. After reviewing the bids and considering the advice of the consultant the Board unanimously agreed to award the contract to Titan Roofing Inc. (“Titan”).  The Board will review and execute the contract with Titan shortly…a fixed price contract in the amount of $275,000 plus taxes.

Titan has currently indicated their plan to be on site around mid-September, 2017. They are expecting the project to take four to six weeks. Roofing projects are very weather dependent so that time line may be delayed should the weather not cooperate.

In addition we expect Titan will need to commandeer the front driveway for the duration of the project to accommodate the removal of debris. So the driveway is likely to be out of bounds to residents and guests for that time.

After giving due consideration to the current balance of our Reserve Fund, additional near term capital projects that are upcoming the Board concluded that the roof repair will be fully funded with funds available in the Reserve Fund.


[April 27, 2017]

Due to a series of reported roof leaks over the past couple of years the Board took the decision to engage an independent roofing specialist to undertake an inspection and evaluation of the roofing on our building.

Residential Roofing Consultants (Alberta) Ltd. (“RRC”) was retained for this purpose and an inspection report was tabled with the Board last fall. The inspector reported a series of bad past decisions which severely compromises the detection of possible leaks. The current PVC membrane roofing system was installed about 15 years ago and rather than remove the existing system first, it was placed over a separation sheet that was placed over the existing built-up roofing system. The existing roof rock ballast was then re-installed over the new membrane roof. It would appear that these decisions were made as cost saving measures by the developer about the time our building was converted to a condominium project. Due to this layering: (1) leak detection is extremely difficult and costly; and (2) any subsurface or underlying issues such as inadequate insulation or moisture infiltration cannot be identified. The inspector also reported that while the membrane appears to be in fair condition the installation details around the perimeter were poorly finished and were failing in a number of places.  His overall conclusion and recommendation is that the water proofing capabilities of our existing system are severely compromised and, rather than attempting to undertake any possible repairs, a full replacement is the best solution.

The Board has concluded that a full replacement is in the best interests of The Huntsman and further engaged RRC to act as Consultant for the project. RRC has since prepared a detailed bid document and has asked four roofing contractors to bid on the project. The Board is hoping that this work will be undertaken and completed this year. The inspection report suggested a budget in the range of $175,000 to $225,000 to complete the work.

Based on that budget the Board is confident that project can be fully paid for using existing reserve funds.


Fire Alarm Testing: Wednesday Sept 7th


Please be advised that in accordance with the Alberta Fire Code, testing of all fire/life safety equipment is required.  For your safety, the testing of the fire system will be on:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
8:30am – 4:30pm

 Please be advised that the alarms bells will be ringing periodically while the system is being tested.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in this regard.


New Intercom Installation: Your Action is Required

We will be installing a new intercom system in the front lobby vestibule; this new system will link to either your landline or cellphone.

To proceed with the intercom installation, we’ll need updated contact information for your unit.

To update your contact info

  • Call Jeanette directly at 403-531-1582;
  • Or email;
  • Include your unit numbername and phone number to be programmed into the intercom.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this project.

Yours truly,
On Behalf of the Board of Directors, The Huntsman

Jeanette Kloppenburg
Condominium Manager

Annual General Meeting (AGM) AGENDA

  1. If the President or the Vice-President of the Board shall be absent or elects to vacate the Chair, the election of the Chairman of the meeting;
  2. Call to Order by the Chairman and establish quorum;
  3. Proof of Notice of Meeting or Waiver of Notice;
  4. Reading and Disposal of any Unapproved Minutes;
  5. Reports of Officers;
  6. Reports of Committees;
  7. Audited Financial Report;
  8. Appointment of Auditors;
  9. Election of Board;
  10. Unfinished Business;
  11. New Business;
  12. Adjournment.

Huntsman Website Relaunch

Welcome to the new Huntsman website

This site has been created to provide a space for all updates and communication to owners and tenants. Many of the posts are password protected due to the nature of the content, but you will receive the password for those pages with the emails they are sent out with.

If you have questions, comments or concerns email us at