Building Security

Over the weekend of April 29/May 1, a lockbox at the building was broken into and the keys/FOB was used to enter the building.  The Board is saddened to report that several vehicles were broken into and one vehicle was stolen.

As garage remotes were taken, the parkade is not secure from these individuals.  The garage remote codes will be changed Friday, May 6, 2016 at noon.

Notices with the new codes will be slid under each unit’s door.  Please ensure you have your exterior key for entrance to the parkade if you are unable to reprogram your code by May 6, 2016.  If you need help with reprogramming, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

For everyone’s safety, please ensure the garage door is fully closed before you drive away and when you leave your vehicle, double check that it is locked and that you do not leave any valuables inside.

All future information will be provided on the Huntsman website  If you are not currently receiving email updates from the site, please log onto the website and subscribe at the bottom of the home page.


Yours truly,

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, The Huntsman


Jeanette Kloppenburg
Condominium Manager