Huntsman News

Rules & Regulations Update: Move In / Out

The Board has reviewed our current practices regarding moves into and out of The Huntsman and recently decided that, going forward, all such moves should be supervised. We believe this is beneficial in that it will: (1) Ensure move is properly coordinated with the resident; (2) Improve building security during the move; and (3) Allow […]

Parkade Notice & BUMP Alley Mural (Updated 2021)

Please be advised that the artist KWest will be painting a mural (funded through the ‘Bump Mural Project’) on all three sides of the parkade with the potential for debris, overspray, etc. to occur along the outer/back walls on both levels during the landscaping/exterior prep-work, the painting/artwork and the final anti-graffiti spray.   NOTICE: All […]

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